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                                                The museum is a cultural institutiondirectly under the Fuyang Municipal Bureau of culture. It was merged by theoriginal Fuyang County Library (built in 1956) and the original Fuyang CityLibrary (built in 1976) in 1993. The museum has an area of 2000 square meters,with an average of more than 4000 cards each year, receiving 110 thousandreaders, answering more than 2000 kinds of consultation, and preparing the 6stage of science and technology information express.

                                                In 1999 by the Ministry of personnel,the Ministry of Culture named "national culture advanced collective","three to the countryside in 2001 by the provincial leading group, theprovincial Party Committee Propaganda Department in 2003 was rated as advancedcollective," meritorious activities leading group awarded the"women's civilization demonstration hillock".

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