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                                                April 23, 2016 (World Book Day)afternoon, Fuyang City Library Children's reading center in the north of Fuyangcity primary school, more than 20 children and their parents and teachers, heldto "make reading a habit, let the thinking with life" as the theme ofthe parent-child reading activities.

                                                The event is hosted by Wang Shanshan, ateacher at North City primary school. Welcome speech by deputy director ofFuyang Municipal Library Wang Zhichun, north of the city primary school teacherLi Min introduced the importance of parent-child reading and some matters needattention of parents, parents are introduced and their experience of familyparent-child reading experience, reading the children to share their feelings,and introduce their most love books.

                                                Through this event, on the one hand,the parents realize that reading plays an important role in the growth of aperson, to realize the parent-child reading can not only help the children tocultivate interest in reading, form a good habit of reading, but also it is aneffective method for emotional communication between parents and children; onthe other hand also stimulate children's interest in reading and enhance theirunderstanding of the library. (city library, Wang Zhichun)

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